Your Equipment


Your Roaring Spring Water cooler or dispenser is virtually maintenance free, however, we recommend cleaning the exterior of the cooler and water reservoir every 2-3 months. If the equipment were to break in any way, we assume all responsibility for the equipment and will replace it at no charge to you.

Maintaining Your Equipment

How do I clean a Cooler?
Your bottled water cooler or dispenser is virtually maintenance free and always ready to provide clean, refreshing bottled water at the press of a button. To be sure it stays in proper working order; however, you should spend a few minutes on basic care every two to three months.Steps to clean the exterior of the cooler:
  1. Clean all surfaces of the cooler with a mild soap. Do not spray cleaners on or around spigots.
  2. Remove drip receptor.
  3. Remove the screen (if equipped) and wash both the screen and drip receptor in mild detergent (DON’T PUT IN THE DISHWASHER).
  4. Rinse the screen and drip receptor well in clean water, and replace on the cooler.
  5. Wash drip receptor regularly to ensure cleanliness.
Then follow these steps to successfully clean your cooler’s water reservoir:
  1. Unplug cooler. Remove empty water bottle.
  2. Drain all water still in reservoir through the cold water faucet.
  3. Fill the dispenser reservoir with clean tap water (about one gallon). If you are cleaning a Hot & Cold cooler you will need to plug the hot tank opening so the bleach does not get into the hot tank. Dissolve one teaspoon of household bleach in one cup of tap water. Add this mixture to the tap water already in the reservoir (There should never be more than one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of tap water.)
  4. Using a clean brush, scrub the inside of the reservoir. Let stand for five minutes.
  5. Drain this water through the cold water faucet ONLY. Wipe the reservoir dry.
  6. Rinse reservoir by filling with clean tap water. Drain through the cold water faucet.
  7. If your cooler has two faucets, refill the reservoir with clean tap water. Drain through the second faucet.
  8. Place a new bottle on your dispenser. Plug in the unit and enjoy!
How do I care for my water cooler?
Your water cooler is delivered to you in a thoroughly sanitized condition
  1. Do not use cooler or bottle as a shelf for plants or storage of other objects.
  2. Do not use sprays, mists, or vapors around cooler.
  3. Keep area around cooler free of dust.
  4. Keep cooler away from direct sunlight.
  5. Use only ROARING SPRING BOTTLED WATER in your rented water cooler or dispenser.

For more information on cleaning your equipment and other tips, please visit our FAQ’s.