Summer Stories

My family and I are having so much fun this summer! Despite rainfall, we have found ways to keep busy and active, while not sacrificing any days to the rain. Though we love heading to the lake on sunny days, we have found great activities at our local library when it seems heading outdoors is impossible. Have you found ways to beat the rain?

Summer Stories

We also have a last minute camping trip planned that should be a great part of our summer vacation! I have a note to stock up on a couple extra 5-gallon water bottles from the Water Store to take with us. I am also going to look into a Dolphin Pump while I am there. I heard it makes camping trips so much easier to have water readily available. Roaring Spring Water helps us so much on camping trips between brushing our teeth in the morning to keeping hydrated all day to cooking at night. It’s a lifesaver!

It sure has been a hectic summer, but it’s also been a wonderful one as well. I would love to hear your summer stories. What was your favorite thing that happened this summer so far? Leave your story in a comment!

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