Choose Roaring Spring Water for Environmental Sustainability


Recycling and Reusing Water Bottles Reduces Waste

As a mother and local business professional, I am committed to supporting companies that take environmental responsibility seriously. One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is supporting the sustainability of our shared ecosystem by reusing and recycling used water bottles.

Water Bottling Environmental Stewardship Leader

We love our water. It is the second most bottled and consumed beverage in the United States. I am proud to purchase my water and beverages for home and office consumption from Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water because they have always been leaders in the field of environmental stewardship and continue to make strong advances in waste reduction and energy conservation.

  • All 3-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles are returned to the facility, where they are thoroughly washed, sanitized, and reused. Each unit is reused approximately 37 times. After their useful life has passed, they are sent to be recycled.
  • Plant Operations and Packaging Materials are 95% Landfill-Free.

Who is Pennsylvania’s Most Environmentally Responsible
Water Bottler?

As a strong advocate of drinking water, I purchase a significant amount of water for my family, colleagues, friends, clients, book club, and other events. Before I became a spokesperson for Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water, I was concerned about what would happen to all of the bottles that we used. It was such a relief for me to discover that Roaring Spring Water is our region’s most environmentally responsible bottler. Unlike some water bottlers, the natural spring source at Roaring Spring has been continually producing water far in excess of that which can be used by local residents. In addition, the company continually strives to reduce their environmental impact. This is something that we can all appreciate.

Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water is a locally-owned and operated business with strong ties to our community. We care about our customers and the environment.