Spring Water, Purified Drinking Water, and Steam Distilled Water

Certified Safe Water for Family, Friends, and Employees

As the primary buyer for my home and office, I am responsible for making decisions that effect many people who I care about. When I was researching the optimal water company to provide my office staff with the water necessary to maintain productivity levels and sustain hydration levels throughout the work day, I carefully considered all available options. Ultimately, Roaring Spring Premium Bottled Water was the clear winner.

Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water’s bottled water products are all approved by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). In addition, their facility is certified under the Safe Quality Foods Institute (SQF). I feel confident that I am providing the very best, safest drinking water for my employees, as well as my family and friends, when I serve Roaring Spring Water.


Delicious Spring Water From Roaring Spring, PA

My favorite drinking water, by far, is the delicious natural spring water from Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water’s single-source spring in Roaring Spring, PA. When I drink my morning glass of water with lemon, a cup of coffee with my husband, tea with a client, a warm cup of water in the evening before bed or when I need refreshment while on the go, I always choose spring water from Roaring Spring Water. The natural minerals enhance the flavor of my beverages and contribute to my healthy lifestyle. I keep a case or two of bottles in our entryway for my family to grab on the way out the door for hikes, swimming, bicycling, and other activities that we enjoy.

Purified Drinking Water -Filtered for Mild Taste Preferences

I have discovered that many of my clients and employees who have grown accustomed to the milder taste of mineral-free commercial drinking water prefer the taste of purified drinking water. The water technicians of Roaring Spring Water use reverse osmosis to eliminate virtually all of the naturally occurring minerals from the water. If you prefer a low-mineral water, you will enjoy the refreshing clean taste of this purified water.

Pure Steam Distilled Water for CPAP, Aquariums,
& Humidifiers

Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water’s Steam-Distilled Water is absolutely pure. It does not contain anything other than 100% pure water. The water is boiled, collected, cooled, and condensed. This water contains no solids, minerals, electrolytes, or trace elements. Although this water may be sought out by individuals with medical conditions, those who use CPAP machines, and individuals who are on a physician-ordered low-sodium diet, this specialty water is generally most beneficial for machinery and sensitive applications where the presence of minerals is undesirable. I use it in my own home for cooking fresh vegetables and herbs from my garden, filling my humidifiers, and my saltwater aquarium. When my youngest child was an infant, I used Roaring Spring Distilled Water to prepare the sensitive baby formula.

Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water guarantees the quality of all of their water products. Learn more about their commitment to us in their Quality Assurance Statement.