Last Minute Trips

Well, it seems like the summer passed by in a whirlwind, but it was definitely one of the best ones we have ever had. And while we are stepping into Back To School territory the summer isn’t officially over yet, and we have one more trip to the beach planned.

With our last minute vacation and school shopping to worry about, we knew we needed to stock up, and Roaring Spring Water was able to provide. We added extra cases for our trip and added a case of 12 oz. bottles for the kids’ school days to our monthly delivery. They love taking the perfect size bottle with them in their backpacks each day. This way we will be all ready when school does start, and it’s one less thing on my to do list, which seems to grow as the days get closer to vacation and back to school. Does your family take a last minute trip before the school days start and summer vacation ends? I would love to hear your plans. Leave me a comment!

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