NO CLEANUP. NO WASTE. NO HASSLE. Roaring Spring Water offers 84 flavors, more than you can get at the grocery or convenience store!

Our extensive selection includes Seasonal coffees, Flavored coffee, Fair Trade Organic coffee, a delicious assortment of Twinings tea, rich and creamy hot cocoa, and even iced coffees! Each K-Cup brews up an extraordinary experience, one cup at a time.

Seasonal Coffees

Autumn Coffees

Pumpkin Spice A delicious coffee enhanced by the creamy pumpkin spice flavors of autumn.

Holiday Coffees

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Taste of warm cinnamon sugar cookies right from the oven.

Winter Coffees

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha Flavors of toasted marshmallow and chocolate.

Spring/Summer Coffees

Island Coconut A quick trip to paradise. A tropical treat of sweet, creamy coconut.


Value Pack
Eight O’Clock The Original Sweet, fruity, & well balanced
Eight O’Clock The Original Decaf Sweet, fruity, & well balanced
Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Roast Bold, chocolaty, & full bodied
Eight O’Clock Colombian Peaks Rich, winey, & full bodied
Eight O’Clock Hazelnut Buttery, roasted nuts, & smooth
Diedrich Morning Edition Blend A bright, full-bodied coffee, with creamy vanilla sweetness and a hearty finish.


Regular Coffees

Light Roasts

Breakfast Blend Bright, sweet, and engaging.  Our favorite way to start the day.
Our Blend The first and original. Smooth, aromatic, and mild.  A delightful cup of coffee.
Half-Caff All the flavor, half the caffeine.
Donut House Familiar from the very first sip.  The easy going, dependable cup you enjoy every day.
Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut The taste of a fresh chocolate donut, dunked into your mug.  All Coffee. No Crumbs.

Medium Roasts

Kenyan AA Fruity and winey, with medium to heavy body and a rich blackberry finish.
Nantucket Blend Full, hearty, and distinctively complex.
Vermont Country Blend A tribute to our home state: sweet, rich, and aromatic, with a pleasant lingering finish.

Dark Roasts

Dark Magic Spellbinding complexity. Deep, dark, and intense.
French Roast Dark, deep roasted flavor and smokiness, with lots of strong character.
Lake & Lodge A warm and toasty blend with sweet, pungent aromatics. A west coast favorite.
Variety Sampler A variety of coffees, including (6) Breakfast Blend, (6) Vermont Country Blend, (6) Dark Magic, & (4) French Roast


Decaf Coffees

Light Roasts

Breakfast Blend Decaf A decaf blend that is bright, sweet, and engaging.
French Vanilla Decaf A decaf coffee that is lusciously rich and smooth with flavors of sweet vanilla cream.
Donut House Decaf Extra Bold Familiar from the very first sip.  The easy-going, dependable decaf you enjoy every day.
Hazelnut Decaf  A decaf coffee that is buttery and sweet with the rich flavor of warm roasted nuts.

Medium Roasts

Vermont Country Blend Decaf A tribute to our home state: sweet, rich, and aromatic in decaf.  Crafted to comfort and inspire.
Half-Caff All the flavor, half the caffeine.

Dark Roasts

Dark Magic Decaf Spellbinding complexity. Deep, dark, and intense.
Newman’s Special Decaf A hearty, full-bodied decaf.  Bold yet refined.  Strong, yet smooth.  (Fair Trade)
Decaf Variety Sampler A Variety of coffees, including (6) Newman’s Own Special Decaf, (6) Dark Magic Decaf, (6) Breakfast Blend Decaf, (4) Vermont Country Blend Decaf.


Flavored Coffees
Caramel Vanilla Cream The tastes of drizzles of sweet, buttery caramel and brown sugar, with swirls of vanilla cream.
French Vanilla Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream.
Hazelnut Buttery and sweet with the rich flavor of warm roasted nuts.
Southern Pecan The buttery flavor of luscious, nutty pecans.
Mocha Nut Fudge A pairing of chocolate flavor and coffee layered with roasted nuts and caramel flavor
Wild Mountain Blueberry The sweet flavor of juicy sun-kissed blueberries, baked to perfection in a buttery crust.
Flavored Variety Sampler A variety of coffees, including (6) Carmel Vanilla Cream, (6) French Vanilla, (6) Hazelnut & (4) Wild Mountain Blueberry


Fair Trade Organic Coffees

Medium Roasts

Newman’s Special Blend A hearty, full-bodied blend of medium and dark roasts. Bold, yet refined.  Strong, yet smooth.
Colombian Fair Trade Select  Classically balanced, vibrant, and complex with a finish of ripe fruit.

Dark Roasts

Organic Sumatran Reserve Sultry, syrupy, and rich, this superb coffee was born in the lush mountains of Indonesia.


Green Tea – Natural Antioxidant
A traditional green tea blended with delicate white tea for smooth taste.
Decaf Green Tea – Natural Antioxidant Traditional decaf green tea blended with delicate decaf white tea.
English Breakfast Black Tea A full-bodied black tea with a subtle floral note.
Lemon Zinger Tea The classic lemonade stand-style refreshment of this enduring favorite comes from real lemons, lively lemongrass, and fruity hibiscus.
Mandarin Orange Spice Juicy orange flavor with exotic spices for an exhilarating cup.
India Spice Chai Our own family recipe is a true chai experience.
Tea Pack Sampler A variety of Celestial Seasonings Teas, including: (6) Green, (6) English Breakfast, (6) Lemon Zinger, & (4) Sleepytime


Twinings Teas
Twinings Earl Grey Tea A light and aromatic blend of fine black tea,  Scented with bergamot, a citrus fruit.
Twinings English Breakfast Tea A rich and satisfying robust tea, traditionally blended with Kenyan and Assam black teas.
Twinings English Breakfast Tea Decaf A rich and satisfying robust tea without the caffeine. Traditionally blended with Kenyan and Assam black teas.
Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea Made with 100% pure peppermint leaves. An uplifting and refreshing herbal tea. Naturally caffeine free.


Iced Teas and Coffees
Snapple– Lemon Ice Tea Made with the Best Stuff-green and black tea leaves-you can now enjoy the great taste of Snapple Lemon Iced Tea any time.  You can thank us later.
Snapple– Peach Ice Tea Enjoy Snapple iced tea – great peach flavor and made with green and black tea leaves.  You know, the Best Stuff.
Snapple– Raspberry Ice Tea For the ultimate refreshment, brew a raspberry flavored green and black tea from Snapple. – Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.
Southern Sweet Tea High-quality black tea and natural milled cane sugar combine to create a distinctively Southern Sweat Tea.


Hot Chocolate
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa is made with care: milk is dried and blended with premium imported cocoa. The results? A rich and creamy chocolate experience you can enjoy at the touch of a button
Cafe’ Escapes Mocha A blissful balance of cocoa and tea.
Cafe’ Escapes Chai Latte’ Mesmerizing aromatics with flavors of black tea and exotic spices, smoothed by a splash of milk and sugar. An extraordinary taste of black tea and exotic spices. 
Cafe’ Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Milk chocolate creaminess, the way hot cocoa was meant to be.
Cafe’ Escapes  Vanilla   A tantalizing cup of the worlds favorite flavor.
Cafe’ Escapes Carmel   Buttery rich. Silky smooth, Captivatingly caramelly.
Cafe’ Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Deeply decadent.  Decidedly dark.  Definitely delicious.


Premium Coffee Products
Barista Prima Coffeehouse – Italian Roast A rich, bold brew with ripe fruit and berry notes, a hint of smokiness and a sweet, clean finish.
Revv The rich body, smooth balance, and high-octane attitude of revv puts you in life’s driver’s seat. Deep, dark, and intense.