July Fourth

There’s nothing more fun and festive than celebrating our great nation, and we get to do that on July Fourth, the day our country began its independence.

We are free thanks to those who put themselves on the front line to keep our freedom. This Thursday we celebrate it all. My family has a barbeque planned with all of our favorite recipes. I also have Flavored Water from Roaring Spring Water, and the kids’ favorite, Sqwincher Sqweeze pops. I also have Cold Brew packs on hand from Roaring Spring Water to make us all some iced coffees to keep us going to enjoy the fireworks later that night. The fireworks are always my favorite part and I can’t wait to watch them! It’s going to be a great day! Do you go all out for July Fourth celebrations? Do you watch the local Fireworks from a favorite location? I hope you enjoy your Fourth of July with family and friends!

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