Getting Back to the Gym

Now that the temperatures are starting to get chilly in the mornings, my outdoor program including daily walks and yoga in the backyard, have to be taken inside. I plan on working out more at a local gym close to my house.

However, fitting that time into my schedule seems daunting. Between work and the kids’ after school programs, practices, and events, not to mention dinner, homework, a bit of family time and our bedtime routine, I am having trouble fitting in a gym trip each day. Even though there never seems to be enough time in the day, I have decided that a quick hour in the gym on the way to work in the morning is probably my best option. Do you struggle to find time to work out during the day? Do you prefer to work out in the morning vs. the night? I would love to hear your thoughts and any tips you have to fit in time for yourself and your workouts! Leave me a comment to get the conversation started for all us busy moms!

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