I am so excited for the New Year to begin!

I am so excited for the New Year to begin! I started this wonderful blog last year and it has been amazing. I am so happy to be doing it for a second year and I hope you all can follow along with me as I make new resolutions and hopefully stick with them all year long.

I wasn’t perfect last year, but I believe this blog and all of you helped me maintain my goals. Now, I have new goals including some from last year as well. I am proud that I succeeded in my “drink more water” goal! Thanks to my Roaring Spring Water deliveries I feel healthier, more hydrated, and more energized. This year along with keeping hydrated and eating healthy, I am going to begin a new exercise plan. I am excited for all the possibilities that 2019 will bring! Let me know some of your goals in a comment and we can work on reaching them together!

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