Environmental Sustainability

Choose Roaring Spring Water for Environmental Sustainability

Recycling and Reusing Water Bottles Reduces Waste

Roaring Spring takes environmental responsibility seriously. We are committed to sustainability of our shared ecosystem. We contribute by reusing or recycling our water bottles to reduce landfill.

Water Bottling Environmental Stewardship Leader

Americans love water. It is the most bottled and consumed beverage in the United States. Roaring Spring Water has always been a leader in the field of environmental stewardship and we continue to make strong advances in waste reduction and energy conservation.

All 3-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles are returned to the facility, where they are thoroughly washed, sanitized, and reused. Each unit is reused approximately 37 times. After their useful life has passed, they are sent to be recycled.

Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water is a locally-owned and operated business with strong ties to our community. We care about our customers and the environment. 95% of all waste from plant operations and packaging materials are recycled.