Employee Health

As school begins, I invest a little more time into my work life. I have also been considering my own employee’s health as I consider my own. While keeping water coolers around the office is a great first step, I have been considering other ways to help boost moods and health goals at the office.

We have been continuing our outside meetings, but pretty soon we will have to take those meetings back inside. We also have worked together to complete a couple races this summer as a work team. Those have been amazing. I am definitely ready to invest in my employees’ health. Our monthly delivery from Roaring Spring Water is my greatest asset right now. I have also invested in healthier options for lunch including offering once a month lunches with healthy menus and I pick up fruit baskets for the break room to have healthy breakfast and snack options on hand. Are you ready to invest in your employee health? I recommend starting with a Roaring Spring Water delivery to promote healthy hydration.

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