Each year our extended families get together on Easter day for a big dinner to celebrate Jesus. I am just now starting to plan the menu along with our day.

We always go to church in the morning followed by a big family Easter egg hunt and finish the day with dinner. I love getting my family together, but I do know this means I need to stock up not only on food and snacks for the little ones, but also on more water and coffee. I stopped by the Roaring Spring Water Store today and got not only my favorite k-cup flavors but also their new special ground coffee! This will be great for Easter morning to wake everyone up to the amazing scent we’ve all loved since childhood. I also made sure to get a few cases of bottled water to ensure we all stay hydrated especially while out hunting Easter eggs! Does your family have Easter traditions? I would love to hear them! Please drop me a comment and have a wonderful Easter this upcoming Sunday!

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