Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews – Roaring Spring Water

“We would not do without our water cooler!! We love the cold water and drink it often!!”
-Barbara D.

“We have been getting [Roaring Spring] water [delivered] here for over 10 years. The customer service is always excellent and the staff are very helpful. It is the best water in the area.”
-Brian S.

“Best water. Great service. Easy delivery.”
-Billy B.

“I love the Spring’s water”
-Judy F.

“Spring water is great….”
-Linda W.

“There is nothing like a big old glass of Roaring Spring Water to wash my food down with.”
-David W.

“I am happy with Roaring Spring Water and delivery. The gentleman who delivers is a very nice person, and all the men before were the same way.”
-Abe W.‎

“I absolutely love these freeze pops … they provide me with the electrolyte replacement I need, but they are so delicious, too! My husband works in the area and saw the advertisement. He surprised me with a trial bag and the rest is history… Thank you for making my life a bit easier!”
-Debbie K.

“Great water and great service – it has helped with my goal to drink more water and create less waste!”
-Trish Y.

“I love the water”
-Pat N.

“We love your water! The delivery service is outstanding!”
-Karen M.

“They have the best water, and the new K-Cups have a really great taste.”
-Darlene K.

“I tasted water from other places, but yours is the best tasting.”
-Hazel N.

“I love Roaring Spring Water”
-Kathy D.

“Your water Roars”
-Scott D.

“It is the best tasting water”
-Vickie M.