Coffee Equipment & Brewers


Great-tasting coffee starts with our quality spring water and signature coffee, and we provide a wide variety of brewers, traditional glass pots, or stainless steel carafes. When you order our office coffee service, you also have access to quality equipment and service that you can count on. We will keep your employees happy with a fresh supply of quality coffee.

There are many different models available to satisfy office needs. Contact one of our sales representatives to help you select the perfect brewing equipment for the size of your office. We will provide you with free demos and a free equipment trial to ensure your complete satisfaction!


Bunn Commercial Brewers

We feature a wide variety of Bunn Commercial brewers to handle your office needs. We can supply your office with commercial brewing equipment that is durable, convenient and easy to maintain no matter what size your office is . Our conventional looking coffee brewers are designed for ease of installation and are easy to operate in a fast-paced environment.


Keurig Premium Coffee Systems

We offer a variety of Keurig Premium Coffee Systems with Single-Cup brewing features. The Keurig Single-Cup brewing systems are designed to give your employees and customers the ultimate coffee experience. Each K-Cup brews up an extraordinary coffee, one cup at a time.

Easy to use and incredibly convenient, they’re ideal for workplaces –  break rooms, conference rooms, reception areas, individual offices and more. From Dark roasts to decafs, hot cocoa to teas, we deliver it all and in a wide variety of flavors.