Back to School

Now that school has started our schedule is more structured, but it has taken time to get use to it. I am trying to become a more organized person, and I have found visuals to help me along the way. I have mapped out our upcoming months including school days, after school activities, and upcoming recitals, sporting events, and outings.

Back to School

This along with my upcoming work meetings has been a puzzle to figure out, but my husband and I always make it work. It feels like we are busier now then we were this summer. It’s nice that Roaring Spring Water allows me to at least take one thing off our busy to-do list with a home delivery. It makes sure my family is hydrated always and that I have enough coffee to get through my day. So, I do want to take a second of this blog to say Thank You for keeping me supplied through out all my busy days!

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