Great energy boosters

Payron discusses energy boosters.My staff and I have been discussing great energy boosters lately! We all love our morning cup of coffee, and I have been telling my staff members that water is a great natural energy booster! If you are properly hydrated, you just naturally feel more alert and awake during the day. Having Roaring Spring Water in the office has helped us stay energized and meet our productivity goals each month. I am grateful that I have found a company who delivers water and coffee directly to us. I also stopped in their Water Store and picked up a new product called Forto Coffee Shots. So far, these amazing little treats are only available in the store, but so worth going to get! These energy shots are natural, made from cold brewed coffee, and taste amazing! I’ve picked up a few to help us recover from a few late night meetings, and for when I just need a pick me up during some of my longer days in the office. I am excited to share it with my staff. Do you have a healthy way to stay energized during the day?